Alvin Donovan: Kali – when he left his body


Kali as you know from Indian Mythology is the godess who bited the heads off.

This is a picture of me with my best mate Kali- sure enough if you put your head near his he would try to bite it 🙂

He was a loyal and devoted friend.

Very gentle and smart.

I was out of contact and on a remote location doing a surfing gig. No email, no phone, no internet.

One night I had a dream where I smelled smoke and saw Kali- I had never before and never after

*smelled* something in a dream. When I finally made it back to the nearest town I learned at that Kali had left his body and at the same moment I had smelled the smoke they cremated him. I still cry to this day when I thnk of that.

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