Who Is This Training Designed For? (Non-US Companies)

(e-Seminars for non-US Companies)

This e-Seminar explains US Export Controls (EAR, ITAR & OFAC) as they apply to companies physically located outside of the United States. This includes non-US companies as well as parent companies, subsidiaries, and affiliates of US companies.

United States trade control laws and regulations impact companies that use or resell US-origin products, components or technology.  The US Government can impose serious penalties for US and non-US companies that fail to comply with the extra-territorial US rules to include monetary fines, a loss of US Government contracts, or a complete ban from receiving any US items. Recent Export Control Reform (ECR) changes have made it even more important for non-US companies to stay up-to-date on the regulations. These e-seminars offer practical explanations and advice on what the rules are and how they impact companies outside the United States.  Expect to gain from this training an in-depth understanding of what you need to do to keep your company compliant.

Who Should Purchase:

  • US companies that need to know how the US rules apply to, and impact, their foreign affiliates, customers, and business partners
  • Global trade compliance personnel who have direct or indirect responsibility or concern for the activities of their non-US affiliates and business partners
  • Non-US companies that deal with US-based companies and their affiliates outside of the US
  • Non-US companies and governments that purchase US-origin products, components, or technology
  • Compliance and legal personnel from all of the above who seek current, practical, organized, and comprehensive instruction on the US regulations, including enforcement efforts, licensing, and incorporating export compliance best practices that will help to avoid costly violations

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