Who Is This Training Designed For? (US Companies)

(e-Seminars for US Companies)

This e-seminar series provides both novice and experienced export compliance professionals with a comprehensive education on complying with regulations administered by the US departments of State, Commerce and Treasury, and what the recent changes mean for their compliance programs.

Export Control Reform (ECR) changes have relaxed the controls on most defense-related items and technology, but made understanding and complying with the regulations even more complicated. The shift of most military and space items from the ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) to the EAR (Export Administration Regulations) forces exporters to learn the highly complicated ins and outs of the EAR. The good news is that the complex rules impose significantly less compliance burdens and fewer compliance-based export delays. So if you learn these rules, you will be able  to export sooner and reduce the costs of compliance, giving you a competitive advantage.

Learn about these recent changes and more…

  • “Specially Designed” in EAR & ITAR
  • New Options for Exporting Military Hardware and Technology
  • License Exception STA
  • Changes to Important EAR & ITAR Definitions
  • Latest Changes for Iran, Cuba, Russia/Ukraine/Crimea, India & Hong Kong
  • New 600-series and 9X515 ECCNs
  • Shifts of Items from USML to CCL
  • New EAR Arms Embargo & Military Controls
  • Latest ITAR and EAR Licensing Policies and Procedures

Who Should Attend:

  • US companies, universities, research laboratories, and government entities that need to understand how US export rules (EAR, ITAR & OFAC) apply to, and impact their organization in the US and around the world
  • Global trade compliance personnel who need to understand how the US rules apply to their operations in the United States
  • Non-US Companies and governments that want to understand how the US rules impact their US-based business partners and their US-based operations
  • Compliance and legal personnel from all of the above who seek current, practical, organized, and comprehensive instruction on the US regulations, including enforcement efforts, licensing, and incorporating export compliance best practices that will help to avoid costly violations

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