Alvin Donovan- reinjury!

So I was well on the way to recovery, got my swimming up to 2 miles, my running up to 4 miles and my biking up to 20 miles. All looking great! So that night I did my rehab exercises way too hard and felt and heard a riiiiiiiiiip!

Many it hurts and I am back to where I started before. I was thinking “I hope the surf is not pumping today” and went to the beach and here is what I saw. Ever seen a grown man cry?

waves today by alvin donovan

Alvin Donovan- what do you think about the waves today?

the operation/procedure went very well

i must admit, i was terrified.  When the Dr paid me a pre procedure visit he asked me how I was doing and i told him

“scared to death” it kind of took him aback. He sat down and said “wait a minute this is something we need to talk


I could tell he was going to call it off. We had a long talk about it all, and he was so kind, so caring, so comforting.

I still felt a bit of trepidation but kind of a calm, trepidation.

It was over before I knew it- he did both knees.

I am still pretty sore but “cautiously positive”

I will know in about 30 days or so how well it went and if we need to do more.

All being well, I should be up and surfing 10 meter waves in time for the next big wave season.

RIP Michael Peterson


unfortunately i missed the funeral due to a medical gig but i was there in spirit for you mate.


May god bless you and I hope the tubes are heavenly and you are surfing the movement of the universe.


You and I did not always see eye to eye and I wistfully remember us having a few choice words out in the lineup.


Did you know that I knew it was you that wrote on my car “this town is not big enough for the both of us” that day at the Alley?


That was the same day you shaped me that awesome pintail i still have on my garage wall.


I know that in your heart you loved us all and we all knew you were kidding when you said you would kick our a**es all the way to Sydney

if I dropped in on you “one more time”


It was all fun mate- i heard there was a good sized crew to send you off.


May God bless you and your family.



Alvin Donovan: Kali – when he left his body


Kali as you know from Indian Mythology is the godess who bited the heads off.

This is a picture of me with my best mate Kali- sure enough if you put your head near his he would try to bite it 🙂

He was a loyal and devoted friend.

Very gentle and smart.

I was out of contact and on a remote location doing a surfing gig. No email, no phone, no internet.

One night I had a dream where I smelled smoke and saw Kali- I had never before and never after

*smelled* something in a dream. When I finally made it back to the nearest town I learned at that Kali had left his body and at the same moment I had smelled the smoke they cremated him. I still cry to this day when I thnk of that.

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