RIP Michael Peterson


unfortunately i missed the funeral due to a medical gig but i was there in spirit for you mate.


May god bless you and I hope the tubes are heavenly and you are surfing the movement of the universe.


You and I did not always see eye to eye and I wistfully remember us having a few choice words out in the lineup.


Did you know that I knew it was you that wrote on my car “this town is not big enough for the both of us” that day at the Alley?


That was the same day you shaped me that awesome pintail i still have on my garage wall.


I know that in your heart you loved us all and we all knew you were kidding when you said you would kick our a**es all the way to Sydney

if I dropped in on you “one more time”


It was all fun mate- i heard there was a good sized crew to send you off.


May God bless you and your family.