Maori and the parking ticket by Alvin Donovan

Alvin Donovan

Alvin Donovan The Maori and the parking ticket

There is a certain city on the North Island of New Zealand that a few years stirred a big controversy by adding parking meters to all the streets in the main part of town.

This was complimented with the introduction of parking meter attendants who would

issue parking tickets (citations) under the windshield wipers of the cars even if the meter was expired by just one minute.

Now the cost for parking was way too expensive in the first place but the cost of the ticket

(citation) was equal to a weeks wages for many a person. Not to mention the cost if your car got towed!

So this resulted in many a parking attendant being verbally and sometimes physically abused.

As a result of this development the greedy city council decreed that any person who verbally abused the parking attendant would have their fine trebled and their car impounded and towed on the spot.

Well, one day a Maori friend of mine was walking down main street and spied a parking attendant writing a ticket and about to put it on the car.

He starts to go off on the attendant- “Hey cuzzie don’t you dare write that ticket or you will be sorry!”

The attendant replied “The rules are the rules and this meter is expired by 2 minutes”

My maori friend says “I am telling you cuzzie do NOT write that ticket, or you are really going to be sorry, just tear it up and walk away and all will be sweet”

Not to be pushed around the attendant replied “If you say just one more word I will impound this car and have it towed”

So my mate ups the ante “I am telling you right here and now do not impound and tow that car or you are going to be sorry and look a fool”

So guess what- the attendant impounds the car and calls to have it taken away.

The attendant looks my Maori mate right in the eye and says “There you go, now if you want to get the car out of impound go to the central police station, pay the fine and you can get your car back.”

My Maori mate looks him right back in the eye and says “That’s not my car cuzzie, it it the mayor’s car” and walks away laughing.


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"Alvin Donovan The Guru Who Surfs The Web"

Alvin Donovan The Guru Who Surfs The Web”

Alvin Donovan The Guru Who Surfs The Web”