the operation/procedure went very well

i must admit, i was terrified.  When the Dr paid me a pre procedure visit he asked me how I was doing and i told him

“scared to death” it kind of took him aback. He sat down and said “wait a minute this is something we need to talk


I could tell he was going to call it off. We had a long talk about it all, and he was so kind, so caring, so comforting.

I still felt a bit of trepidation but kind of a calm, trepidation.

It was over before I knew it- he did both knees.

I am still pretty sore but “cautiously positive”

I will know in about 30 days or so how well it went and if we need to do more.

All being well, I should be up and surfing 10 meter waves in time for the next big wave season.